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Tips on Camping for Those with Disabilities

If you’re an outdoor kind of person, don’t let a disability stop you from enjoying Mother Nature, discovering travel in a whole new light or vacationing inexpensively. The best way to get your toes wet in the camping phenomenon is to join…
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Seniors Breeze Through Airport Lines—Sort Of

Seniors Breeze Through Airport Lines—Sort Of Going on an accessible vacation? You should know that in March, the Transportation Security Administration posted a sign in four airports notifying passengers age 75 and older that they can leave…
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Travel Often? Consider an Accessible RV!

We read a lot about handicap minivans and full-size vans, but how about an accessible RV? If you travel often and find accessible hotels not so wheelchair friendly or you have a distaste of flying, an accessible motorhome could be a solution.…
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Avoid Airport Pat-Downs: New TSA Helpline for People with Disabilities

You might want to drive your accessible vehicle rather than fly. After recent news, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has issued more intensive search procedures—like pat-downs. Some of the more likely people to get pat-downs…
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Problem When Flying? Call the Hotline

  The holidays are just around the corner. You may be flying to a family celebration or vacation and hopefully, everything will go well. The majority of all airlines are now geared to serving fliers with disabilities; however, not all…
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For a Leisurely Vacation, Don’t Rule Out the Scenic Train

For those with disabilities, picture a vacation that is scenic, leisurely, affordable and comfortable, where there’s no waiting in long lines or delays. If you want a vacation that is all of those things, consider taking the train. Prices…
OnStar Safety Features

New OnStar FMV Offers Extensive Safety Features

  OnStar, a GPS service that has been found only in General Motors vehicles, became available July 24 as an add-on rearview mirror compatible with 90 million older vehicles – and it is ideal for seniors and those with disabilities. OnStar…
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Tips on Travel Insurance Inside or Outside the U.S.

  Traveling can be unpredictable; even more so for two classes of travelers: seniors and those with a disability. Thankfully, there are insurance specialist providers that offer travel insurance or travel assistance for those with mobility…

Check Out These New Disney Lazy-Day Vacation Spots

Planning your vacation and dreading those lines at theme parks when what you crave is quiet and stress-free? Humungous theme parks can be exhausting for some of us, but now we can have a Disney vacation without the long lines because Disney’s…
Bucket List

What’s on Your Bucket List?

Updated: August 23, 2016 Used as a figure of speech these days, people make bucket lists because they’re exciting and offer goals for everyday life. Some include getting in touch with your values, conquering fears, getting creative, enjoying…