Quality Assurance Program (QAP) - NMEDA

Quality Assurance Program

The NMEDA Canada Quality Assurance Program™ (QAP) is the only nationally recognized accreditation program within the mobility equipment industry.

Our program is designed to raise the standards of quality and performance in mobility equipment and conversions, ensuring the safety and comfort of those driving or riding in wheelchair accessible vehicles.

To maintain a consistent and elevated standard of quality, all NMEDA Canada dealers must be QAP-accredited. This accreditation not only benefits customers purchasing mobility vehicles, but also informs the public and the community of our members’ commitment to safety and quality.

QAP is about one thing – SAFETY.
Cutting a corner could cost lives – so safety is top of mind, all the time.

Each year, NMEDA Canada dealers undergo a third party audit to ensure they adhere to the QAP Rules & Guidelines. NMEDA Canada dealers must:

  • Maintain a Quality Control Manual documenting processes, tools, training and facilities
  • Have technicians trained and certified for the equipment they sell, service and install
  • Provide 24-hour emergency service
  • Have certified welders if performing structural modifications to vehicles
  • Meet accessible facility requirements
  • Maintain specialized tools and calibrations
  • Maintain records of all adaptive work
  • Maintain Garage Keepers and other required liability insurance
  • Abide by the mediation committee’s decisions when a consumer complaint is lodged
  • Abide by the NMEDA Guidelines
  • Quality Control Manual

    Documented processes, tools, training…the works.

  • Insurance

    Required minimums for Liability, Garage Keepers & more.

  • Training

    Manufacturer-certified technicians & NMEDA approved programs.

  • Record Keeping

    Complete records of all modifications, retained for minimum 7 years.

  • Annual 3rd Party Audits

    Independent audit, at dealer’s expense, verifying compliance.

  • 24/7 Service

    24/7 emergency assistance, at home or on the road.

  • Accessible Facility

    Friendly, accommodating facility, ADA compliant.

  • Tools & Calibration

    Calibration required for specialized tools & equipment.

  • Customer Care

    Servicing Dealer Agreement required, plus mandatory warranties.

  • QAP Labeling

    All modifications labeled, reported & traceable by number.

  • Final Inspection

    All modifications inspected by someone other than the installer.

  • Accreditation Types

    Locations accredited only for appropriate modification competencies.

  • Product Instruction

    Documented customer training on proper usage of products.

  • Mediation Resolution

    Free, dealer-binding mediation resolution of customer complaints.