Funding - NMEDA


Although purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle can be expensive, your QAP-accredited NMEDA Canada dealer can guide you to special funding and financing programs that may benefit you.

Click here for a list of national and provincial funding resources, or read below for a few additional options to research:

  • Provincial Agencies & Public Assistance– Many local agencies offer funding assistance for mobility equipment and services. Check with your local mobility dealer to help find programs and third-party funders in your area.
  • Charitable Organizations/Churches – The options here can be extensive. Research what is available in your local market.
  • Mobility Rebate Programs – Several OEM manufacturers (GM, Ford, Toyota, etc.) provide rebates to purchasers of new vehicles that require modifications for disabilities. Before you purchase a new vehicle for modifications, inquire with your NMEDA dealer about applicable rebates or visit our rebates page.
  • Special Finance Programs – A variety of programs are available for financing mobility vehicles including loans with extended terms, leasing packages, and more. Please ask your local NMEDA Canada dealer for more information about special financing programs offered.
  • Fundraising – Contact all the people in your life and turn your need for a mobility solution into an outlet for socializing and creativity that can bring your whole community together. Get local news agencies involved by explaining what you’re trying to do and ask if they’d be interested in covering your story.
  • Grants – There are organizations for different disabilities that provide information, support, and resources to help assist those with specific conditions. For example, the local provincial Multiple Sclerosis organizations might help if you have MS or Cerebral Palsy of Canada may be able to help if you have CP. Reach out to the local chapter and see if they can help provide assistance or guidance.