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Is Your Vehicle Ready for the Winter Cold Spells Ahead?

Frigid temperatures not only slow us down, but can slow our van and accessible equipment. For example, if you use a hydraulic wheelchair lift, you may have noticed that the colder the weather, the slower the lift reacts. The cold thickens…
Daylight Savings Driving Tips

Safe Driving Tips for Daylight Saving Time

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Before you pack up your vehicle to go to the beach or other spring break destinations, it’s a good idea to make sure your vehicle is ready for the journey. Handicap accessible vehicles are subject to more wear and tear due to the added weight…
Affordable Wheelchair Vans

Random (But Important) Tips on Your Accessible Van

  An accessible van is your most important asset when you need to go somewhere. If your handicap van breaks down, you can’t borrow a friend’s van when you have a doctor’s appointment—most friends’ vans don’t have a lift or…