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No More Blind Spots and Other Good News

Drivers with disabilities can have enlarged mirrors on their vehicles to detect blind spots and even radar-enabled blind spot detection devices to enhance their driving safety, but on Dec. 3, 2010 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration…
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Pros and Cons of Buying Used Adaptive and Accessible Equipment

For almost every piece of equipment we see new, you can find pre-owned and/or refurbished for a lower price. Sometimes it’s a better piece than we could have afforded new. But there are pros and cons. Some items take more research than…

Tips on Buying Your First Accessible Van

You’ve been admiring a van at the local auto dealership and decide it is time to buy your first accessible vehicle. The salesman has a great spiel and suggests that it can be converted to an accessible vehicle nearby. But wait: Does he…
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How to Determine the Best Accessible Vehicle Dealer

When you are in the market for a accessible vehicle, the dealership you choose can make the transaction a dream – or a nightmare. A qualified dealer – one who is experienced in dealing with those with disabilities - can guide you toward…