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First-Time Drivers with Disabilities

Whether you’re 16, trying to get your driver’s license, or not-so-16, and trying to get back on the road after a long hiatus, getting behind the wheel for the first time having to deal with a disability can be exciting and nerve-wracking…
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People With Disabilities: Learn to Drive from the Experts

If you have been recently injured and want to drive an accessible or handicap car or van, your physician may recommend (and your state may require) driver training by a Driver Rehabilitation Specialist before you can take the wheel of that vehicle. Actually,…
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You Can Win an Adapted Vehicle during National Mobility Awareness Month

National Mobility Awareness Month is the inaugural May celebration that encourages people with disabilities to enjoy active, mobile lifestyles. To spread the word, the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) will be looking for…
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Mobility Solutions Help Arthritic Drivers and Others

  Seniors with severe arthritis, people with Muscular Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy and others with disabilities can drive again with the help of a mobility equipment expert. To find the specific product solution for your driving challenges,…