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Special Kids Fund

Bringing the Magic of Mobility to Those in Need

Since 2006, the Special Kids Fund (SKF) has been dedicated to providing access to adapted mobility vehicles for those in need through the MagicMobility program. This program is designed to collect donated accessible vans and transfer them to…
Vans for Children with Disabilties

Wheelchair Accessible Vans: 4 Things Parents Should Know

Any parent of a child or children with disabilities will tell you, life after kids can be a bit unpredictable, yet incredibly rewarding. The spills and screams can be quickly forgotten with the flash of a smile from your little (or not so little…
minivans for parents with children with disabilities

Accessible Minivans for Parents with Disabilities

Being a mother or father is a round the clock job, with no paid vacation or sick days. After all the hours of taking care of your child, the hard work is always worth it. But, when you have mobility issues, the work becomes a little harder and…