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best time to buy an accessible vehicle

Tips on Choosing an Accessible Van for Children with Special Needs

Children with special needs often need to use wheelchairs for mobility. Vehicles with special features are available or vans can be converted to accommodate them. The most important step is to start with an appointment with a mobility specialist. Since…
family with child

Safety Tips: Transporting Children with Disabilities

Automotive conversions are often completed to meet your exact accessibility needs; there are additional factors to weigh out if you plan on using the handicap van or car to transport children with disabilities. Here are a few things to keep…
horse therapy

A Look at Equine Therapy for Children with Disabilities; Horses as Handicapped Vehicles

Throughout its use in the past few decades, equine therapy has become a viable and efficient method of improving the physical and emotional states of countless individuals. Have you ever thought of a horse as a handicapped vehicles? While in…