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NMEDA Certified Technician Program (NCT)

NMEDA Certified Technician Program (NCT)

The NMEDA Certified Technician Program is intended to standardize technical competency for the automotive mobility industry.

Cost: $100 – Members Only

The modules in this program cover the basic levels of knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for an automotive technician to perform optimally as a Service Department Technician. NMEDA technician certification is a means by which an individual can prove their abilities to themselves, to their employer, and to their customers. Technicians who successfully complete this course will earn a highly regarded credential in our industry.

Each QAP accredited location is required to maintain at least one NCT on staff at all times. Recertification is required every two years.

Please see the complete module listing below. The following options and a la carte modules can be found on our Events & Training page.

  • Full NCT Course & Exam
  • NCT Recertification Exam Only

A la carte modules:

  • Electrical Training I
  • Electrical Training II
  • QAP 1-2-3-4
  • Module
  • Electrical Part 1
  • Electrical Part 2
  • QAP 1-2-3
  • QAP 4
  • Make Inoperative
  • Fasteners
  • Shop Safety
  • NMEDA NCT Certification Test
  • Description
  • Basic electrical concepts
  • Advanced electrical concepts
  • QAP intro, QC manual, audit prep, inspections, Guidelines
  • Overview of QAP rules and policies
  • How / when to apply Make Inoperative labels
  • Bolt markings, proper torque specs, thread safety margins
  • General safety procedures recommended by OSHA
  • 50 question test covering courses #1-7 above
  • Estimated Time Online
  • 2.0 hours
  • 1.5 hour
  • 2.5 hours
  • 0.5 hour
  • 0.25 hour
  • 0.75 hour
  • 0.5 hour
  • 0.5 hour

QAP dealers must meet this requirement with at least one technician at each location, but may certify as many techs as desired. The NCT program does not pre-empt any manufacturer required trainings.

Recertification is required every 2 years.
The NMEDA Certified Technician has two options for recertification when his or her current certificate expires.

  1. Register and pass the NCT Recertification Exam  (Cost $25) – The recertification test is 50 questions covering all courses in the NCT Training. If the technician successfully passes this examination, recertification is issued for another 2 years. Select “Register- NCT Recertification Exam” when registering for this renewal.
    Note: if unable to pass the exam on first attempt, the technician will need to register for NCT Training and Exam to recertify.
  2. Register for NCT Training and Exam (Cost $100) The NCT should select “Register-NCT Training” if:
    a) the technician does not pass the recertification exam, or
    b) the technician prefers to review all education content and training modules prior to taking the exam
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