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Dealers – The Heart of NMEDA

From the smallest mom-n-pop to the largest dealer groups, over 325 US and Canadian auto mobility dealers belong to NMEDA – and there’s always room for more.
That said, NMEDA membership isn’t for everyone. Applicants must be fully committed to the highest standards of quality & safety, and QAP accreditation is required of every NMEDA dealer location.

Dues: $1,675/year

Annual QAP Audit: $995

So, why join NMEDA? Glad you asked. For starters, you’ll be joining a winning team of dedicated dealer members that together are responsible for the vast majority of wheelchair accessible vehicle sales in North America. Other member benefits include:

Advocacy – Who loves you, baby? Nobody does like NMEDA. We are the ONLY ones representing and protecting your industry before Congress, state legislatures, VA, NHTSA and other federal regulatory agencies.

Education – Get your knowledge on. We know you run a business in the real world, not some ivory tower. From our Conference & Expo to our online offerings, our learning is best-in-class.

Quality Assurance Program – One word: Differentiate. QAP accredited dealers are a cut above. Don’t believe it? Well, voc rehab agencies in 26 states and the province of Quebec require QAP accreditation for any business that modifies vehicles in their jurisdiction. Convinced?

Industry Expertise – Who knows more about auto adaptive equipment and vehicles than NMEDA? You guessed it – no one. Established as a national trade association in 1989, our association now has nine full-time, dedicated professional staff headquartered in Tampa, FL, ready to answer any and every question you might have.

Circuit Breaker Magazine – The premier industry publication anywhere, every quarter you’ll get it digital in your inbox and old-school paper in your mailbox.

Peer Pressure: The Good Kind – Membership means networking with and brain-picking the best auto mobility dealers in the world. From our LinkedIn to our Conference & Expo, NMEDA is about successful dealers sharing solutions.

Weekly Email Update – We won’t leave you hanging. When it comes to breaking industry news, compliance changes, major announcements, etc…we’ve got you covered.

Powerful Connections – NMEDA is fortunate to have a lot of friends in a lot of high places. From United Spinal to Veterans Affairs and NHTSA to PVA, our relationships help our members make the connections they need for success.

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