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Seating & Securement

There are a variety of seating and securement options available. Adaptive seating focuses on properly positioning an individual to either drive or ride in a vehicle from the seat of the car, whereas securement systems are designed to lock your mobility device in a safe and secure position. Visit our Industry Directory to search for NMEDA member companies who offer these products.

  • Interior Transfer Seat
    • An interior transfer seat is a seat base that an original vehicle seat is installed upon. The transfer seat base is motorized and has controls that allow the user to move the seat backwards and then swivel the seat towards the center of the vehicle’s interior. Once the mobility device user has transferred into the seat, the same controls swivel and turn the seat forward and into a comfortable driver or front passenger position.  Different transfer seats can conduct different motions including up/down, forward/back, swivel in/out, and even a 180-degree turning radius option.
  • Exterior Transfer Seat
    • An exterior transfer seat is fully power operated and rotates out and over the driver or passenger door sill. The user holds a button on a hand-held pendant to lower the seat to their preferred height, thus allowing the user to transfer into the seat.  The same button is used to rotate the seat back into the vehicle interior.  Exterior transfer seats do not require structural modifications and can be reinstalled in your next vehicle.
  • Manual Tie Downs
    • Manual tie downs typically require caregiver assistance in order to ensure proper securement and safety. The most popular manual tie down systems are four-point tie downs secured at four points of the wheelchair.
  • Retractable Tie Downs
    • Retractable tie downs are electronic securements designed for those who cannot fasten the manual systems. The electric systems have one device mounted to the floor of the vehicle and another device mounted to the bottom of the wheelchair.  When the two devices merge there is an audible click, signaling that the wheelchair is safely locked in place.
  • Docking System
    • Docking systems are designed to easily secure a wheelchair to the vehicle floor, thus allowing a driver or passenger to drive or ride in a vehicle directly from their wheelchair. A bracket installed on the bottom of the wheelchair connects directly to the docking base, allowing the user to lock their wheelchair into place unassisted.