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caring for caregiver

Helpful Caregiver Websites

  When a loved one needs care due to a disability or age, you do the obvious tasks to help, but at some point you may become overwhelmed as a caregiver. You need a plan and you may need help. Most people do not mind helping, start with…
senior citizen driving

Seniors: Are Your Driving Skills as Good as They Could Be?

  As seniors, we may get a little bit uncomfortable when driving. Our eyesight could be deteriorating and we may have trouble reaching the foot pedals. We’ve gone through the options of larger mirrors and adjusting the seat, but sometimes…
save money on car rental

How to Shave Costs When Renting a Vehicle

Did you know that if you rent a car or van at most airports, sales tax and airport charges can be higher than 25%? Rent one down the street or from your hotel and avoid that extra cost. Insurance is another biggie. Check your own insurance…
save money

Update Your Auto Insurance Policy and Save Big

  Insurance adds about 5% to the cost of operating a vehicle. To make sure you have the best price and the proper coverage, experts recommend shopping your insurance yearly, especially if you have been with the same company for years,…
save money on car rental

Seniors: There’s a Car Built Just For You

As seniors we’re no longer looking for that sleek little sports car – we couldn’t get out of one if we could get into it. We couldn’t double clutch it and whiz through the gears if it was a stick shift. Now we’re looking for comfortable…
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Is it Time for Your Senior Driving Safety Course?

Many of us have not read a driver license handbook since we were 16. For some, that’s more than 50 years ago. In that time, driving laws have changed and the law of gravity has caught up to us. It is time to remedy one of those problems –…